Dashboard lighting not working

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Dashboard lighting not working

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I have a problem with my Rev 2 tubby dashboard light not working even though the headlights work and all the pre ignition warning lights pop up as normal on instrument panel, turn indicators and hazard work fine on it.

So I ordered a set of led’s specifically for the mr2 and we’re recommended, they arrived yesterday so I got up early this morning to tackle the dismantlement of the dash and plastics etc…
I tested 1 last time that the lights on the dashboard wouldn’t light up with original bulbs they didn’t so I pulled everything apart and replaced the 4 bulbs which were still nice and warm to the touch, plus they look original with blue plastic covering over them.
I put the new led set into the instrument cluster and placed the instrument cluster back and tested the new set and again no lights working so removed the key from ignition and 180 degree turned 2 of the led’s as they are polarised and again no lighting then tried the other 2 and the same result.

So I started testing the indicators and lights of the car as follows

Front main lights working including high beam
Front indicators work and the front fog lights.
Back lights brake, turn indicators, fog lights all work

Side indicator passenger works but drivers side doesn’t but this is due to wire coming loose from connection.

Inside the car all the following lights work

All pre start up warning lights work
Indicators work
Hazard lights work
The lighter works

The green led that is with the cigarette lighter lights up but you only see this when the front panel is removed (the ring doesn’t light up)
The ignition ring also does not work
Also no lights on the drivers door controller
Climate control box also does not light up but the little green and orange lights when you press do work,

Both lights next to rear view mirror work but the cabin light doesn’t turn on when 1st entering the car, you have to manually push each button to turn on.

Also took the old TAIL fuse out (from under fuse box next to the pedals) and fitted with new fuse but the old 1 looks intact

The car doesn’t have a dimmer switch for the interior lights to be dimmed as it’s a tubby and as far as I’m aware they didn’t put them on the imported mr2’s, they were for Europe and uk models.

Anyone have an idea as I have done a lot of searching myself but this problem usually is with side indicators not working as well, and a lot of links are now dead which is a shame
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Re: Dashboard lighting not working

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I just went out and replaced the battery for a new 1 I had planned to fit next week and the dash lights are working, well 2 will need to be 180 ‘d as it was darker in the middle but the outer 2 are nice crystal white.

This was just a follow up for anyone else who may have the issue in the future.
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Re: Dashboard lighting not working

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Thanks good to know. My dash lights seem dimmer than they were but I can live with them at the moment.
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