Black Rev2 Tintop Turbo

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Re: Black Rev2 Tintop Turbo

Post by chaotic.entity »

Been a short while, had to go to a wedding one weekend and have been planning and organising some things... But the big day has arrived, the engine is out! And there's more rust... Rust I had not seen.... oh well.

All major looms out.

Just the main power front to rear to pull out.

Various manifoldy bits and electrics and poo out.

The rather crusty looking hole left behind without an engine...

That rear passenger traction bar that didn't want to come out, and associated crust.

One rev2 engine + gearbox on a pallet.

And the newly found hole... Where the traction bar mounts to the chassis it's rather.... xxxxx.
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Re: Black Rev2 Tintop Turbo

Post by monkeyra »

The underside needs a good grit blast!
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