Fixed Price Services For MR2'S

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Fixed Price Services For MR2'S

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Hi All,

We thought it would be beneficial to put all of our fixed price services into one post!

Any questions or queries please feel free to contact us via message, email or phone as always.

MK2 SW20

Minor Service
Spark plugs, rotor arm, distributor cap, oil filter, oil change, air filter

MK2 Naturally Aspirated / Turbo £200

Major Service

Spark plugs, rotor arm, distributor cap, oil filter, oil change, air filter, fuel filter, gearbox oil change, coolant quality & pressure test, diagnostics test

MK2 Naturally Aspirated / Turbo £300

Full Cambelt Including Oil Seals

Naturally Aspirated


Waterpump would be an additional £120

Clutch Replacement

Naturally Aspirated
Clutch – £350
Skimmed Flywheel – £90

Clutch – £450
Skimmed Flywheel – £90

"Pipes From Hell" – £250
This is an issue found through Rev1 to Rev4 where two copper coolant pipes that are hard mounted to the chassis above the fuel tank. Over time vibrations and stress/flex can cause the pipes to crack. This can be identified by air in the coolant system, low coolant, puddles under your car and a running or bubbling sound around the stereo area. Toyota revised this on the revision 5 but only on one side.

Distributor O-ring + Timing – £72
Over time it is common for the Distributor O-ring to fail causing a leak. Once replaced the timing will need to be set. It is possible for the second oil seal within the distributor to fail, if so it will need to be dissembled, replaced and reassembled which will increase the price. Please get in touch for a quote.

Rocker Cover Gasket – See below
As like the Distributor O-ring the rubber rocker cover gasket can deteriorate and break down over time producing prominent oil leaks around the head of the engine. Pricing varies depending on year and specification:

Turbo – Rev 1 & 2 – £141
Turbo – Rev 3, 4 & 5 – £145
N/A – Rev 1 & 2 – £201
N/A – Rev 3, 4 & 5– £206

Window Regulators – £126
This can cause multiple issues such as windows not going up and down, a grinding noise, the windows falling into the door (in extreme cases).

Corroded Cancer Bars Removed And Replaced With Stainless Steel– £66

Toyota chassis support bars are made of mild steel and are open ended, this allows moisture to get inside the bars and cause rust from the inside out.

All estimates include parts, labour and VAT

MK1 and MK3 prices will be added shortly but feel free to message us if you have any enquiries.
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Re: Fixed Price Services For MR2'S

Post by markstevieandmads »

Wow prices have gone up.... clutch was like £150 plus a clutch wheh i had my turbo done by you guys a few years back
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Re: Fixed Price Services For MR2'S

Post by androo007 »

F me that is a price hike and a half.
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Re: Fixed Price Services For MR2'S

Post by Charged »

Prices do go up.. I think it's only really fair to comment if the price is uncompetitive against another specialist.
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