Sticking calliper/handbrake ... help!

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Sticking calliper/handbrake ... help!

Post by HighwayStar »

Evening all.

So back with another question for you.

I've just had a full service carried out and a good checkover ahead of the MOT in a month or so.

The upshot is I have a sticking rear n/s calliper due I'm told to the mechanical mechanism of the handbrake not properly freeing itself off. After a decent run that wheel whilst not hot is slightly warmer than the o/s so there's something in it ...the handbrake lever needs to be quite high too when applying it. Anyway, I'm told there's no adjustment or method to free it off and the only option is a new calliper which is a pain not only financially but also in hassle since the others are all painted and I'm sure I've not got any of the paint left over so I'll need to buy that again too.

Any solutions you guys know or is my best option to bite the bullet and get a recon calliper from the usual suspects and buy more paint to match it up?

PS. I realise that I asked this question a wee while ago and got an answer from Wilkie Snr (cheers sir!). He recommended the recon route on the existing calliper or a swap to a 'new' recon calliper but I guess I'm asking now how this part of the calliper actually works and whether there is a way to adjust just that element of the calliper (the mechanical handbrake element) for an easier or at least cheaper fix without effecting the rest of the item.

Anyone got a diagram of how it works etc. so I can get my head round it? Wilkie Snr did go into some detail in reconditioning the whole thing but I'm just interested in the mechanical handbrake part.
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Re: Sticking calliper/handbrake ... help!

Post by jimi »

This article on the OC may help you get your head around the rear brake/ handbrake setup LINKY It was writen by Monkeymax for the MK1 but the MK2 setup is exactly the same (so is the MK3) There's also another couple of MK1 rear brake article in the section that equally apply to the MK2 8)
This particular article is also in this forums Knowledge Base, unfortunately all the pictures are gone :(

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